Contemplative Psychology

Contemplative Psychology, “the oldest and perhaps most interesting psychology that human beings have ever developed” (Han de Wit) explores the psychological wisdom, insights and methods contained within the world’s spiritual traditions. It is cross-culturally inclusive and focuses on the profound humanness of all authentic spiritualities, especially the qualities of clarity, courage, compassion and joy.


Consultation, workshops and retreats for pastoral counselors, chaplains, spiritual directors, and others working at the intersection of psychology and spirituality.


Brendan Collins, Ph.D.Brendan Collins, Ph.D., Director

As a psychologist specializing in the psychology of religion and spirituality, I have over twenty-five years’ experience teaching and supervising graduate students in pastoral counseling, integral psychology, and East-West spiritual counseling. I was a member of a Benedictine monastic community for twelve years and have a strong and continuing interest in the arts, especially photography, poetry, and dance as contemplative practices. For detailed information about my education and experience, click here.


Hugh McKiernanI dedicate the work of the Center for Contemplative Psychology to the memory of Hugh McKiernan (1918-1997) my abbot, teacher and friend for forty years, and a pioneer in the integration of depth psychology, the arts, and spirituality as lived practice.